Bellini at Harry’s Table

Bellini at Harry’s Table

20 Riverside Blvd,
New York, NY 10069

Located within Two Waterline Square on New York’s Upper West Side, Bellini at Harry’s Table is a sophisticated yet relaxed dining option as guests enter through Cipriani’s premier Artisanal Italian Market: Harry’s Table.

The contemporary Italian restaurant, inspired by the hospitality brothers’ extensive travels throughout Italy, features a range of recipes from different regions. As the name suggests, Bellini at Harry’s Table is where a four-generation Cipriani tradition meets timeless freshness.

From delicious, house-made pasta to our signature Italian all-day recipes, a variety of specialties from different regions await guests at Bellini. Lighter options for lunch, or the conscientious eater, offer no compromise to the quality of ingredients and simplicity of preparations.